COTTON MIX: #BehindThemBoards Best Of Stevie J Production Mix Vol. 1




A lot of ya’ll just think Stevie J is just a slimy, smirking reality show character and don’t even know that he is really one of the top producers of the last 20 years. If you listened to urban radio in the 90′s up until now, it’s a 100% chance that you heard some of his hits. I’ll be diving into his production discography and bring you many of the songs that you know and love, but never knew they were produced by him. Now you’ll hear why so many women on the show want him to lace them with some musical heat. He’s a musical genius.

This will easily be at least a four volume set.  Even though most of his discography is R&B, lemme start with some of his rap songs. He he was HEAVILY involved with nearly every song on Biggie’s Life After Death double album. Enjoy.

  1. Mo Money Mo Problems – Notorious B.I.G. feat. Mase & Puff Daddy
  2. Nasty Boy – Notorious B.I.G.
  3. Love U So – Mase feat. Billie Lawrence
  4. I’ll Be Missing You – Puff Daddy feat. Faith Evans & 112
  5. Another – Notorious B.I.G. feat. Lil Kim
  6. Lucky Me – Jay-Z
  7. You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) – Notorious B.I.G.
  8. Nobody – Rick Ross feat. French Montana

Peep this interview where he discusses his production career with Cipha Sounds.

COTTON MIX: Return Of The Sickest (Best Of Lil Boosie TD2CH Edition)



I went to Lil Boosie’s “Welcome Home” concert in Nashville on last night and MAN he put on a show (like he always have every time I’ve seen him)! So much that it inspired me to do a “Best Of” mix as soon as I got home.    Boosie is worth every singe dollar  and is a must see! I’ve seen him 5 times over the years and still want to see him perform again. He’s that good and that dedicated to giving his fans everything he has. People outside of the South don’t even understand how big Boosie is down here.  Glad he’s back.  Enjoy!

  1. Betrayed
  2. Smoking On Purple
  3. Better Believe It
  4. Calling Me
  5. Distant Lover
  6. Miss Kissin On You
  7. Swerve
  8. Adios
  9. Baby Momma
  10. Set It Off
  11. Exciting
  12. I’m A Dog
  13. Devils
  14. My Struggle
  15. Tear It Down
  16. I Smoke I Drank
  17. Wipe Me Down
  18. Cartoon
  19. Bank Roll
  20. Loose As A Goose
  21. Independent
  22. My N____
  23. Show The World
  24. Top To Bottom

COTTON MIX: Chop Shop Vol. 4: Mo Yellowbones In Yellowstone Houston Mix


Here’s the second part of the H-Town Chop Shop. Something real playas can ride around to with they old lady.

  1. Boxers – Lil Flip feat. Deep Threat
  2. Back Up Plan – Chamillionaire feat. Devin The Dude
  3. I’sa Playa – UGK feat. Z-Ro & Twista
  4. Let Me See It – UGK
  5. Real Women – UGK feat. Talib Kweli & Raheem DeVaughn
  6. International Players Anthem – UGK feat. OutKast

COTTON MIX: Chop Shop Vol. 3: Yellowbones In Yellowstone Houston Mix



Here’s another Chop Shop mix full of Houston flavor. Real playas gonna ride out to this. I might even drop a slowed down version later.

  1. Just A Dog -Big Moe
  2. Take It Off – UGK
  3. Am I A Playa – Fat Pat
  4. If Only You Knew – Fat Pat
  5. Girl – Paul Wall
  6. **** Faces – Scarface feat. Devin The Dude, Too Short & Tela
  7. Peep N Me – Fat Pat feat. Lil Keke
  8. You Already Know (Chillin With My Broad)- H.A.W.K.


COTTON MIX: #CottonThisWeekInMix April 6, 1991 Throwback R&B Rap Mix (4.4.14)



Let’s go back to this week in 1991, when New Jack Swing still reigned supreme.

  • Freddie Jackson held down the number one spot this week with the Quiet Storm classic “Do Me Again.”
  • Big Daddy Kane actually said “I want to taste everything from your lipstick to your toenail polish” & “you know the way you’re standing still there/ I just wanna lay on the floor an make love to your shadow.”
  • New Edition alums Bell Biv Devoe, Johnny Gill & Ralph Tresvant all were prospering on the charts.
  • Christopher Williams was a double threat, having a hit song and co-starring in the classic film New Jack City.
  • Jasmine Guy was also a double threat. In addition to starring on A Different World, which was #1 in Black households at the time, she showed that she could sing with the New Jack Swing tune “Another Like My Lover.”
  • LL Cool J came back to the rap game with a vengeance.
  • Hi-Five’s album was one of the first cassettes that I actually bought as a 6 year old.
  • MC Hammer’s group Special Generation are the same group who sang on his hits such as “Can’t Touch This” and  “Have You Seen Her”.
  • Hope ya’ll don’t think that Pebbles wasn’t huge well before TLC


  1. Do Me Again – Freddie Jackson
  2. Whatever You Want – Tony! Toni! Tone!
  3. Let’s Chill – Guy
  4. Is It Good To You -The Whispers
  5. Call Me – Phil Perry
  6. All Over Me – Big Daddy Kane feat. Barry White
  7. No Matter What You Do – Al B. Sure feat. Diana Ross
  8. It’s Written All Over Your Face – Rude Boys
  9. My Heart Is Failing Me – Riff
  10. Thanx 4 The Funk – The Boys
  11. Backyard – Pebbles feat. Salt-N-Peppa
  12. Mama Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J
  13. Cheap Talk – Loose Ends
  14. All True Man – Alexander O’Neal
  15. Stone Cold Gentleman – Ralph Tresvant
  16. Dope! (She’s Dope) – Bell Biv Devoe
  17. I’m Dreamin – Christopher WIlliams
  18. It’s A Shame (My Sister) – Monie Love
  19. I Like The Way – Hi-Five
  20. Wrap My Body Tight – Johnny Gill
  21. Hold You Tight – Tara Kemp
  22. Treat Em RIght – Chubb Rock
  23. Another Like My Lover – Jasmine Guy
  24. Spark Of Love – Special Generation

COTTON MIX: Best Of Soulja Slim #GiveNGoMix




Soundcloud Link:

Had to rep for the realest out of New Orleans: Soulja Slim. This is uncut, raw street spittin! Peep why he’s considered one of the best ever out of the Dirty South.

  1. M.A.G.N.O.L.I.A.
  2. Heata On Me
  3. Souljas On My Feet
  4. Slow Motion
  5. Imagine feat. C-Murder
  6. Can I Ball feat. Mac
  7. From What I Was Told
  8. Get Cha Mind Right
  9. What’s Up, What’s Happening
  10. I’ll Pay For It
  11. Rata Tata
  12. At The Same Time feat. Snoop Dogg
  13. U Hear Dat
  14. Ride With Me
  15. Not My Dawg
  16. Let It Go Down
  17. Love Me, Lov Me Not
  18. My Jacket
  19. Soulja Mentality (Soulja Life)


COTTON MIX: Best Of T.I. #GiveNGoMix (4.1.14)




Finna start hitting ya’ll with some quick “Give N Go Mixes.” A beautiful lil birdie recommended a T.I. mix so here goes a dope 20 minute mix.

  1. 2 Glock 9′s
  2. I’m Serious
  3. What Up What’s Haapnin
  4. Bezzle
  5. I Still Love You
  6. Rubberband Man
  7. Motivation
  8. 24′s
  9. Chillin With My ____
  10. Doin’ My Job
  11. Let’s Get Away
  12. What’s Yo Name
  13. I’m A King
  14. Dope Boyz
  15. Limelight

CUT UP MIX: Cotton’s Cut Up Vol. 27 Late Night Quickie (Slow Jam Mix)




Was up at 4AM and decided to do a random slow jam mix, hence the title haha.

  1. Lights Go Out – J. Holiday
  2. Cry For You – Jodeci
  3. Love – Keyshia Cole
  4. Say Yes – Lil Corey
  5. Brown Skin – India Arie
  6. Seems Like You Ready – R. Kely

Cotton’s Cut Up Vol. 26: Uptown Style (80′s R&B Party Mix)


Soundcloud Link:

This is the kind of R&B that I envision AZ, Alpo and Rich were jamming while sliding around Harlem in their gold-BBS laced BMWs (don’t know who they are? Watch Paid In Full). Straight feel-good music.

  1. Let Me Be The One – Five Star
  2. And The Beat Goes On – The Whispers
  3. Forget Me Not – Patrice Rushen
  4. Wet My Whistle – Midnite Star
  5. I Wanna Be Rich – Calloway
  6. Get It Up – The Time
  7. Strung Out – Paul Laurence
  8. I’m In Love – Evelyn “Champagne” King
  9. Mr Groove – One Way
  10. Single Life – Cameo
  11. My One Temptation – Mica Paris
  12. Encore – Cheryl Lynn
  13. A Night To Remember – Shalamar
  14. I’ll Be Good – Rene & Angela
  15. Never Too Much – Luther Vandross
  16. I Want Her – Keith Sweat
  17. I Can’t Wait – Nu Shooz
  18. Turn On Some Music – Marvin Gaye