UPDATE: Audiomack & Spinrilla For My Mixes & Soundcloud For My Podcast

You can peep over 250+ of my mixes at http://audiomack.com/artist/dj-cotton-here. I had a nice run on Soundcloud averaging 7k plays a week with over 400k total plays and 82k total downloads.

I had to delete most of my mixes from Soundcloud because they trippin on me with copywrite violations they gave me my 1st copyright strike. On the 2nd strike they’ll disable downloads & after the 3rd strike they’ll delete my account. BUT, all 300+ mixes are still available for stream & download here on DJCottonHere.com.

Give me a minute to update all the posts here with active links, but until then you can go to my Audiomack profile here and stream/download all my mixes.

I’m still gonna be droppin new mixes non-stop so stay tuned here. Hmmmm…..what y’all think about a new daily podcast on the way? I think that’ll be what I use my Soundcloud page for.

Here’s the link to my Soundcloud tho


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