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DJ COTTON HERE MIXTAPE: “Tha Bloc Is Hot (Best Of Blocboy JB Mix)”

Here’s a mix featuring the hottest rapper in Memphis right now!



DJ COTTON HERE MIX: “First Day Fresh” (Most Requested Memphis Rap Songs)

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  1. BlocBoy JB – No Chorus Pt 6
  2. Finese 2Tymes – Goin Straight In
  3. BlocBoy JB – Yea
  4. Rico Deniro feat. Big Mota – She Triflin
  5. BlocBoy JB – Crip Hopper (Freestyle)
  6. CEO Lil Kenny – Baked Potato
  7. BlocBoy JB – No Chorus Pt. 8
  8. Fast Cash Boyz – Catch A Body
  9. CEO Lil Kenny – 1st Day Out
  10. BlocBoy JB – FIrst Day Bacc On Da Bloc
  11. Moneybagg Yo feat. Blac Youngsta – Gang Gang
  12. Big Mota feat. Trulla Mafia – She A Thot
  13. Moneybagg Yo – Reloaded
  14. BlocBoy JB – Shoot
  15. Fast Cash Boyz – Actin Bad
  16. Moneybagg Yo – I Do What I Want

DJ COTTON HERE MIXTAPE: Royalty: Best Of Playa Fly

DJ Cotton Here & Playa Fly – Royalty (The Best Of Playa Fly)

  1. Just Gettin It On
  2. Crownin me
  3. Damn What A —– Say
  4. Triple B Mafia
  5. Playaz In Da House
  6. Gangsta Forever
  7. Daily Living
  8. Funk N Bock
  9. Nuthin Bu Ana
  10. Got Ya Hot
  11. Da End
  12. Ghetto Eyez
  13. Write Sum Bump
  14. M-M-M
  15. Get Me Out
  16. Da Game Owe Me Intro
  17. Nobody
  18. Blow My Mind
  19. Just Awaken Shaken
  20. STH MEM
  21. Universal Heartthrob
  22. Movin On
  23. Funkytown
  24. Feel Me
  25. N God We Trust

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?85fwiv7adbyhac4

For the very first time ever, this is an 80 mintue mix of the best from the King Of Funkytown, Playa Fly.  This is guaranteed bump just in time for the summa. 

COTTON MIX: #MTownTour South Memphis Mix (3.19.14)




Soundcloud Link: http://soundcloud.com/djcottonhere/mtowntour-south-memphis-mix-3

This #MTownTour will take you across the city and feature some of the prominent rappers from that part of Memphis. Had to start it off with South Memphis, because EVERYBODY was throwing up the Funkytown sign in the 90’s. In the mid 90’s they pretty much ran Memphis rap and SPV (South Park Village) was yelled in so many songs. You didn’t hear too much “flossing” and “balling” in South Memphis raps. You mainly heard about struggle and….powder lol. South Memphis (mainly Playa Fly) got the whole city on that bay (powder caine).

South Memphis dudes were the ones getting stealing all the fresh Nike stuff off the train. I remember when whole high school basketball teams were wearing unreleased Pennys & Jordans months before they were released.

Enjoy this mix of South Memphis music past & present. And before someone asks, no this does not include anyone from Whitehaven aka Blackhaven aka BHZ. The dividing line is Brooks Road. While the Haven is on the southern part of Memphis geographically on a map, it’s considered a completely seperate hood from South Memphis. I’ll be doing mixes from them, North Memphis & Orange Mound.

Roastin Toastin – Riverside Click
Run Up – LMG Mafia (G-Train)
South Memphis – Lord Infamous
Lyrical Drive-by – Al Capone
Catraggly – Taylor Boyz
Down With SPV – Gangsta Blac
Kinfolk S___ – Taylor Boyz feat. Al Kapone
Chronic City (Funky Town) – Gangsta Blac
Got Ya Hot – Playa Fly
Powder – Gangsta Lac
Nobody – Playa Fly feat. Gangsta Blac & Bill Chill
Zed Zilla – Zilla
Talkin Cash On It – Playa Fly
Feel Me – Playa Fly
A-Plus – Young Dolph
S.o.u.t.h. Parkway – Gangsta Blac