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MIXTAPE: Rick Ross – Ashes To Ashes

1. Intro (Prod. By Cashous Clay)
2. Made Men Feat. Drake (Prod. By 2 Tall Beats)
3. 9 piece Feat. TI (Prod. By Lex Luger)
4. John Doe (Prod. By Beat Billionaire)
5. Black Man’s Dream Feat. Luda (Prod. By Boy 1da)
6. Retrosuperfuture Feat. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By Young Fyre)
7. Play Your Part Feat. Wale, Meek Mill & Chester French (Prod. By Inkredibles)
8. Ashes to Ashes Feat. Kc (Prod. By Nasty Beat Makers)
9. Even Deeper Feat. Barry White (Prod. By Cashouse Clay)
10. She Crazy Feat. Aaliyah & Ne-Yo (Prod. By Clinton Sparks)
11. 10 Bricks Feat. Birdman (Prod. By A One)
12. Aston Martin Music (Remix) Feat. TI & Big Sean (Prod. By Justice League)
13. Bugatti Boyz – Another One (Prod. By Lodi Lucci)

Download Link: LIMELINX

Everyone’s favorite C.O. is back with another street album.  How many times is Lex Luger gonna sell that MC Hammer/BMF beat lol

NEW AUDIO: All-Star Cashville Prince aka Starlito – “Beggin My Feedom, Be My Friend or Belittle My Future” (Cash Money Records Diss)

FREE LITO! Who didn’t see this coming? Star’s going clean off on Birdman and CMR over the BMF beat and I’m suprised it took this long. I’ve said numerous times that Star woud NEVER release an album on CMR because he’s never been on CMR’s radar. This isn’t the first time he’s vented his frustration with CMR.  He’s doe it previously on “Rap Music Ruined My Life” back in 2006 (which wasn’t released until 2007’s Starlito’s Way 2) and his Hollywood Divorce starstyle, recorded the same year and finally released on his The Tenn-A-Keyan mixtape with DJ Crisis in 2007 also. 

It’s crazy that Birdman’s put out 4 albums since Star signed in 2004 and Star’s only been featured on TWO Cash Money songs in that same timeframe ( “We Gangsta” on 5 * Stunna and “No More” on Like Father, Like Son). It’s not like All-Star wasn’t putting out dope mixtapes. When Birdman recently spoke on all the upcoming CMR relases and Star wasn’t mention I knew it was a wrap for him.  I could write a book and a epic HBO series rivaling The Wire if I told the whole behind-the-scenes story of All-Star, Yo Gotti & Cash Money Records that I witnessed first-hand the last 6 years.  It would be the 2K version of Cadillac Records lol.

All-Star says it’s not a “diss” song…but what else can you call it with lines like:

“Like father like son, meet the stepson / interfering with my dreams, Inception”

“Had a Lex and a Luger like the dude that made the beat/ And I got some homeboys that probably wanna shoot at Baby”

“Too much pride to **** ride so I’m fighting for my rights”

“Maybe cause I ain’t a Blood, yeah I get it huh / But they wasn’t rocking bandannas when I met them”

“I sound a little bitter / well its cause I got lost in the system and they found some little n****s”

From All-Star aka Starlito’s blog:

“I don’t want to whine about my woes with a record label, I want progress. A heightened awareness is what I felt like bringing about, because I believe people ask me about my situation most frequently. I don’t have the answers. I do know what’s real, and that’s my desire to move forward as professional rap artist.

I don’t even have to know why things turned so sour, I just want my release to be signed off on…”