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DJ COTTON MIX: Soulja Life Mentality (Raw Rap Vol. 1)


1. Master P – The Ghetto Won’ t Change
2. Master P – Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
3. Fiend feat Master P – Take My Pain
4. TRU – Final Ride
5. Kane & Able feat. Master P – Gangstsfied
6. Soulja Slim – Soulja 4 Life
7. Mystikal feat Master P & Silkk The Shocker – Ghetto Child
8. Silkk The Shocker feat Fiend – If I Don’t Gotta
9. Mac feat Fiend & Silkk The Shocker – Be All You Can Be
10. Steady Mobb’n feat Master P – If I Could Change
11. Master P feat Skull Duggery – My Ghetto Heroes


This series is all about reality music with content. Who better to start off with than No Limit?


CLASSIC CUT: Q93 Wild Wayne & Mic Fox – Quenig with Cash Money Records’ Local 580 (1994)

This is a song they did for the radio station Q93’s Wild Wayne and Mic Fox’s show opener. Classic New Orleans bounce music with DJ Mannie Fresh on the track. The Local 580 was basically the crew name of the early Cash Money roster : Lil Slim, Pimp Daddy, Lil Ya, Ms Tee, Tec 9, PxMxWx, and Yella Boy (other members not on this song were Kilo-G, Mr. Ivan, & B.G.’z).

MEMORIAL DAY CLASSIC CUT: Master P – “Ghetto Heroes” (1996)


“My ghetto heroes: I watch em live fast…I watch em die slow”

I listen to this song every single Memorial Day and think of all the people I knew that either got killed or locked up, especially due to the drug game.  This P’s best song

Most n****s might think I’m crazy when I tell em this  

But you know what, most n****s look up to like Presidents,

N****s thats in sports, all this type of ish as heroes.
They might look at Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leanord, Mike Tyson, but me…
Air Jordan ain’t no hero G, my heroes is n****s in the ghetto that slang D.”

Like it or not, the neighborhood superstars are who we always looked up to as youth. They were the coolest cats around and seemed to be living the life. While they lead destructive lifestyles, you can’t deny it’s appealing to a yungin who only sees the balling. And like P says in this song, “most of em died over drug money.” And P names over 40 “ghetto heroes” he knew that were either dead or locked up.

“Prisons and graveyards are full of boys who wore the crown” – Vison
“The point is they wore it” – Marlo Stanfield

My favorite part of this is at the end when P gives a warning to all the yungins who are wanting to jump in the game to be the next ghetto hero.

“And yall other n****s thats still livin
That wanna be a hero but can’t be givin
Yo life up for these streets
But this goin out to my homies out there slangin D
That still hustlin in the game tryin to make it
But yall n****s better realize you cant fake it
You either in or out aint no halfway in
Cuz when you die in the end you go to the pen”

While we like to romanticize ghetto heroes, P also gives the chilling fact about ghetto heroes:

“Don’t end up being a ghetto hero, a statistic. Cause one you gone…you gone. And heroes…sometimes they end up being zeroes”