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DJ COTTON HERE MIX: “Best Of Ludacris #GiveNGoMix”


And it’s office friendly for this Throwback Thursday.


COTTON’S VIDEO VAULT: @Ludacris Goes To Tity Boi ‘s house ( @2Chainz ) on Luda’s MTV Diary (January 2002)

This is from one of my favorite MTV Diary episodes. It features Luda visiting the house of a pre-fame Tity Boi (member of the group Playaz Circle & known for the hits “Duffle Bag Boy” & “Boo”) and eats catfish.  Luda tells how Tity Boi got his nickname and why he loved to go to his house to stay grounded.  I loved when they showed Luda having to lift the top to flush the toilet. Who hasn’t done that?  I remember everyone was in awe when we saw the TV in the steering wheel. 

I’ll post the full episode later.