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CLASSIC VIDEO: Goodie Mob Interview On BET Teen Summit In ATL (1996)

“To know who you are is to know who you are not.” – Cee-lo Goodie

I came across this on Youtube last night and man, how much has hip-hop changed.  Here we have an episode of BET’s “Teen Summit: Off The Hook,” which was when one of the show’s hosts, Prince DaJour or Ananda Lewis, would be on location for an interview.  I always loved when they did these because everyone was more relaxed and honest.  This one was filmed in Atlanta at a carwash, outside the state capitol building and at a soul food resturant.  

The answers that the Goodie Mo gives to each question are just filled with that kind of Southern wisdom that one might receive from their grandparents.  Just like their music, they came across as street but extremely knowledgable and intelligent.  Gipp really spit some real stuff on making sure you have legal stuff that the government or police isn’t able to take away.  I love how they always brought each question back to spirituality.

 The star of this interview was Cee-lo.  Never in a million years did I think then that he would be America’s sweetheart now.  It makes his statement “there will be a time we will not be able to talk so we talk now” even more astounding.  Because he’s so popular, he really isn’t able to be as outspoken as he once was without reprecussions.

FYI: The Confederate flag was finally removed from the Georgia State Flag in 2001.


1956-2001 Georgia State Flag

Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001).svg

Current Georgia State Flag

Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg


CLASSIC VIDEO: Goodie Mob – Soul Food (1995)

“It’s such a blessing when my eyes get to see the sunrise/
I’m ready to begin, another chance to get further away from where I’ve been/
But I’ll never forget/
everything I went through I appreciate the ish because
If I hadda went & took the easy way/
Wouldn’t be the strong n**** that I am today/
Everything that I did, different things I was told
Just ended up being food for my soul”

This is food for your soul forreal

CLASSIC VIDEO: Outkast feat. Cee-Lo – In Due Time(1997)

“Strugglin’s just a part of my day
Many obstacles have been placed in my way
I know the only reason that I make it through
Is because I never stop believing in You
Some people wonder why we here in the first place
They can’t believe cause they ain’t never seen Your face
But even when you pray, the next day you gotta try
Can’t wait for nobody to come down out the sky
You’ve got to realize that the world’s a test
You can only do your best and let Him do the rest
You’ve got your life
And got your health
So quit procrastinating and push it yourself”

This is probably my favorite Outkast song and is powerful spiritual music. I probably listen to this song everyday. Cee-Lo’s verse especially reminds you that even though you have faith, God’s not going to magically fix everything. We still have to put forth the effort first and let the Lord do the rest. Nobody said being a Christian was easy lol.

“Only prayer is the tightest game that you can have” – Andre 3000 on “Thought Process” by Goodie moB

This has to be one of the realest songs I’ve ever heard and helped me get through the toughest time of my life. As I get older, I appreciate and understand it more and more.  Crazy that I been bumpin this since 5th grade in ’95.  I don’t know what music these yungins now raised on