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“The Origins Of Dab & Hollywood Divorce (Bow Wow Got It All Wrong)” #CottonsThoughtProcess Podcast


I had to break it down for the misinformed on Cotton’s Thought Process.

Bow Wow mad a video incorrectly stating that the popular “dab/dabbin” dance comes from smoking marijuana.
He all sorts of wrong lol. Yeah a “dab” is a type of concentrated THC that ppl smoke.

BUT, the term “dabbin/dab” that the popular dance comes from is ATL lingo for “fresh dressed.” It’s short for “debonair.” Peewee Longway was the first one to really use it. Here he is in an April interview explaining it.

You can listen to his song “Big Homie” to hear how it’s used. The whole song is about fashion,how fresh he dresses & how that makes him attractive to women.

“Bring out all that s**t don’t wanna see it on me/ I get to the mirror I wanna see it on me/ Catch me dabbin out in public you gone see it on me”

Words can mean different things in different places. “Geeked” means crunk/hype at TSU (Tennessee State University), but in Atlanta it means high on pills.

Here’s a video from  song called “Dabbin” by ATL rapper/producer Mr. 2-17 released March 2015. He’s talking about….*gasp* how fresh he is.

Still don’t believe “dabbin” means fashion? Check out this video called “Dabbin” by ATL group Guap Boyz from April 2015. It’s all about how fresh they are.

CLASSIC VIDEO: Goodie Mob Interview On BET Teen Summit In ATL (1996)

“To know who you are is to know who you are not.” – Cee-lo Goodie

I came across this on Youtube last night and man, how much has hip-hop changed.  Here we have an episode of BET’s “Teen Summit: Off The Hook,” which was when one of the show’s hosts, Prince DaJour or Ananda Lewis, would be on location for an interview.  I always loved when they did these because everyone was more relaxed and honest.  This one was filmed in Atlanta at a carwash, outside the state capitol building and at a soul food resturant.  

The answers that the Goodie Mo gives to each question are just filled with that kind of Southern wisdom that one might receive from their grandparents.  Just like their music, they came across as street but extremely knowledgable and intelligent.  Gipp really spit some real stuff on making sure you have legal stuff that the government or police isn’t able to take away.  I love how they always brought each question back to spirituality.

 The star of this interview was Cee-lo.  Never in a million years did I think then that he would be America’s sweetheart now.  It makes his statement “there will be a time we will not be able to talk so we talk now” even more astounding.  Because he’s so popular, he really isn’t able to be as outspoken as he once was without reprecussions.

FYI: The Confederate flag was finally removed from the Georgia State Flag in 2001.


1956-2001 Georgia State Flag

Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001).svg

Current Georgia State Flag

Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg

NEXT TO BLOW: Cash Out ( @TheRealCashOut ) – “Cashin Out” (produced by DJ Spinz ( @SpinzHoodrich )

Listen to me now or believe me later on.  Two years ago I told ya’ll about Party Boyz “Flex” and last year I told ya’ll about YC & Future’s “Racks” and Chalie Boy Gang’s “Beef It Up.”    Well, the next future hit is going to be Atlanta’s Cash Out with his DJ Spinz produced song “Cashin Out.”  I’ve been bumpin it the last two or three months and everybody that I let hear it instantly wan’t to know who it is so they can download it.  It’s very similar to Racks in that it will be a huge hit around Spring Break.  I told ya’ll I got golden ears haha. 

Cashin Out CLEAN


NEXT TO BLOW VIDEO: Yung Chris ( @1yungchris ) feat. Future ( @1Future ) – “Racks On Racks”

Spend Money When Ya Money’s Long

I told ya’ll this was going to be a Spring hit way back in January and again last month when he signed to Universal, but alot of ya’ll still slept on it.  Well, here’s the video and while it has a professional look, it has waaaaaaaay too many jump cuts and they did Future wrong during his verse by barely showing him.  This song may suffer from So Icy Syndrome, in which a regional hit has a weak video and doesn’t catch on like it should have (luckily Gucci came back with the Chicken Talk mixtape and “Freaky Girl”).  I still remember when everyone in the audience panned “So Icy” when it was the New Joint Of The Day on 106 & Park, despite the fact it was Southern hit. 

And I’m still wondering why the turntables and speakers in this video aren’t even plugged up and have no wires.

Oh and here’s the link to YC’s mixtape hosted by Greg Street called “Got Racks” – DOWNLOAD LINK

MUSIC VIDEO: Tity Boi ( @2Chainz) feat Vado ( @VADO_MH ) – “Lo Boots (The Re-Up)”

“I’m Polo to the zipper, I used to shop at Macy’s when it used to be Rich’s”

I told ya’ll about this song on here back in December.  While I’m tired of seeing people wearing all the old Lo Boot styles that got played out years ago (Dover, Conquest, Holder, etc), I’m digging that 2 Chainz & Vado are rockin the newer Ranger styles.  This further proves that they are official Lo Heads and not just jumping on the Polo bandwagon.  Vado really has emerged as the Polo Prince these past few months because he’s always rocking tight pieces.  Oh, and as far as the song, it’s bumpin and Vado rips it.

NEXT TO BLOW – YC (Young Chris) featuring Future – “Racks On Racks”

Atlanta’s YC’s hit song “Racks ” is the definition of a “guilty pleasure” and is currently the most played song in the A. I can’t recall a time when a song has been so terrible & great at the exact same time lol.  I mean it he has everything working against it:


  • Autotune (this should automatically disqualify it)
  • Gold teeth (even Young Dro & Yo Gotti took their grills out)
  • He looks like a cross between Drake & Lloyd and has a hypeman wearing rhinestones on tight fitting clothes
  • Has the name of an established dope rapper (Young Chris of Young Gunz & State Property)
  • Song is about nothing but ballin’ & stuntin’ and says nothing new (if you can even understand half of what he says)


And despite all of this, this song is somehow bumpin & catchy lol.  During the first verse you’re tempted to turn it off but something keeps you from doing what you feel the urge to do.  By the time the second chorus comes in, it’s impossible not to bob your head and say “racks on racks on racks” lol.  I’ve been bumping this for about a month straight and it still hasn’t worn off

He should be close to finalizing a major label deal because if you have a hit song in ATL, you are automatically guaranteed a deal (see: Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash, DG Yola, Rocko, Dem Franchize Boys, Shop Boyz, D4L, etc.). 

And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t leave you with the MP3 and this video


“Racks” MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK: Mediafire

CLASSIC VIDEO: Dem Franchize Boys – Oh I Think Dey LIke Me (So So Def Remix) feat Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat & Bow Wow (2005)

YEP! Who remembers Snap Music? Front if you want, this was the jam back in ’05 and one of the theme songs for the ATL Classic (Shoutout to The Atrium and Club Chocolate) my senior year at Tennessee State University.  This was bout the only time everybody had to admit that Bow Wow’s ghostwriter ripped it lol