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DJ COTTON HERE MIX: “Talk That Ish (Best Hip-Hop Song Rants) Pt. 1


Another soundtrack to success for ya’ll.  Few things get me more amped than to listen to rants on hip-hop songs.  Who can talk the most ish?


FLEX ON THEM FINAL EXAMS: DJ Cotton Here’s Motivational Rap Mixes

With final exams happening this week, I thought I’d make a post reminding you of some of my most inspirational mixes to get you in that zone. Everybody eats B!


My #CareersNotJobsMix series includes the songs and motivational clips that help get me going and inspire me. These songs got me thru some rough times.

01. 2Pac – Spark The Brain (Interlude)
02. Rocko – Dis Morning
03. Jay Morrison – How To Get A House (Interlude)
04. Jay-Z – U Don’t Know
05. Jay Morrison – Real Estate Wealth (Interlude)
06. T.I. – Motivation
07. Jay Morrison – Don’t Be Scared
08. Big Tymers feat Lil Wayne & Lac – Millionaire Dream
09. Jay Morrison – Hip Hop 2 Homeowners (Interlude)
10. Kanye West – Spaceship
11. 2Pac – Play The Game Of Life (Interlude)
12.  2Pac – Me Against The World
13. Steve Harvey – Nothin Too Hard For God (Interlude)
14. Goodie Mob feat Andre 3000 – Thought Process
15. Steve Harvey – Be A Student Of The Game
16. Arrested Development – Tennessee
17. G-Side – Pray
18. 2Pac – Test Of My Faith (Interlude)
19. Yo Gotti – Send Me An Angel
20. Outkast feat. Cee-lo Goodie – In Due Time
21. David Banner – Cadillac On 22s
22. Steve Harvey – It’s Rules (Interlude)
23. Notorious B.I.G. – Sky’s The Limit
24. Cee-lo Goodie – God Is Powerful (Interlude)

01. Fighting – Goodie Mob
02. Keep Ya Head Up – 2Pac
03.Shattered Dreams – UGK
04. Never Let Go – Fabolous
05. Feel It In The Air – Beanie Sigel
06. Nothing Lasts Forever – Nas
07. Blood Thicker – Hot Boys feat. Baby aka Birdman


Nobody has more self-confidence than Ye so hopefully some of it rubs off after bumpin this mix.

01. Good Morning
02. New God Flow feat. Pusha T
03. Good Life feat. T-Pain
04. We Major feat. Nas & Really Doe
05. We Don’t Care
06. Cold (Theraflu)
07. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
08. Through The Wire
09. This Way
10. Champion


Lowkey Rocko one of the most inspiring rappers out cus he make you wanna get out there so you can thumb thru that check.

01. U.O.E.N.O.
02. Nachos
03. Goin Steady
04. PhuckUThot
05. Slang
06. Umma Do Me
07. Geek Geek Geek
08. Thumb Tho The Check
09. Squares Out Your Circle
10. Finesse
11. Like This Here
12. Dis Morning
13. Hustle Fo
14. Maybe
15. Snakes
16. Tommorow
17. Street Poetry

MOTIVATION: Jay Morrison Explains How To Build Wealth And Buy Houses (Video)


This video is guaranteed to inspire you to instantly seek more financial educational and look deeper into real estate. Jay Morrison is a celebrity realtor who comes from a “bruised past” (drug dealing) and now one of the top in his field and has been featured on shows like NBC’s Open House. He shows how simple it is to buy houses and make money off of properties.  Among other things, Jay also debunks the dumb hood logic of “cash is better than credit” and “why buy a house instead of rent when I could lose my job” (both foolish statements).  If you watch this video and aren’t instantly motivated, I can’t really deal with you.

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