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DJ COTTON HERE MIX: July 1996  Throwback Rap & R&B #CottonThisWeekInMix

Man this takes me back to 7th grade right here!


DJ COTTON HERE MIX: Birdman – “Respect My Name (Best Of Gamespitta Baby)


After the whole Breakfast Club fiasco with Charlamagne last week, Birdman’s name has ringing out here because he told them to “put some respect on his name,” among other things. Me personally, I liked it when his rap name was Baby and he was a “Gamespitta” and the #1 Stunna. This Best Of mix is from that era (the 90’s-late 2002) before he became Birdman and wanted to be a rapper instead.

DJ COTTON HERE MIX: “Yungins Doin Numbers” (April 2K16 New Rap Mix)

Above: Trill Sammy

I’mma help y’all keep up with what’s poppin in these streets. Pretty much all the songs on this mix have at least a million plays on Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.

I did this mix because I posted the picture below and I was the only one who could name all of these rappers with no problems (Clockwise top left: Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti & 21 Savage).