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DJ COTTON HERE MIX: “Ball Til Ya Fall (2K15 Clean Basketball Pregame Mix Vol. 1)”



I DJ plenty of sporting events all year round and every game it never fails: fans & people from the visiting team ask me if they can get me to make them a game mix for them (after the try to hire me away ha). So, me being the generous DJ that I am, I’m gonna be dropping a brand new 30 minute pregame mix here each week for all my athletes out there.

Don’t worry, these mixes gonna be completely clean and school administration friendly.  I edited any school inappropriate phrases out (you can’t even tell).

This first volume has hype tracks from Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, Rae Sremmurd, Yo Gotti, Drake and more!

*tracklist coming soon*


Da Fam TSU Annual TSU Homecoming Tailgate Recap Coming Soon!


Me and @DaFamTSU just want to say thank you to everyone who came out and had a ball with us at our annual TSY Homecoming tailgate! Lots of time, effort and $ was spent just to see you all have a good time with us. Check back here and @DaFamTSU on social media for more videos, pics and even live audio from the tailgate. Nobody gives back more than us! We do it for ya’ll!!

COTTON HERE LIVE MIX: Big 3 Party (10-11-13)


Here’s the audio from a party I did a few hours ago. Can’t listen to this and tell me I ain’t good at rockin a crowd. But it seems like I had to stop the music every 10 min because of yungins about to scrap. They was screamin every word though.

Luckily, I edited through all the stops so you get over 80 nonstop minutes of me puttin it down. Click the link below and enjoy as I bring party to you (it:s work safe too). Shoutout to Big E, Big Zay & Big Ticket.

DOWNLOAD/STREAM LINK: Big 3 Party (10-11-13)

And you can listen to Big Ticket’s basketball homecoming party here.

DOWNLOAD/STEAM LINK: Big Ticket Party (1-19-13)