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COTTON LIVE MIX: #DaFamTSU #TheCrewTSU TSU Homecoming Tailgate (10/26/14) Pt. 1


As promised, here’s audio from Da Fam & The Crew’s annual TSU homecoming tailgate. This was the early set and we had comedians Sleezy D ,Money Marc & Billy Sorrells on the mic checking any and everyone that walked by. I could hardly edit this without laughing so hard. You’ll swear you’re back in the student center.

“His jacket made out of wallet material”
“Is that a dude or a woman? That’s a goy”
“I see a leather jacket with the house coat strap on it”



COTTON HERE LIVE MIX: Big 3 Party (10-11-13)


Here’s the audio from a party I did a few hours ago. Can’t listen to this and tell me I ain’t good at rockin a crowd. But it seems like I had to stop the music every 10 min because of yungins about to scrap. They was screamin every word though.

Luckily, I edited through all the stops so you get over 80 nonstop minutes of me puttin it down. Click the link below and enjoy as I bring party to you (it:s work safe too). Shoutout to Big E, Big Zay & Big Ticket.

DOWNLOAD/STREAM LINK: Big 3 Party (10-11-13)

And you can listen to Big Ticket’s basketball homecoming party here.

DOWNLOAD/STEAM LINK: Big Ticket Party (1-19-13)

DJ COTTON HERE LIVE MIX: Live @ D&D Soul Cafe (5.10.13)


I put it down for Country Mane’s Birthday Bash/Long Island Fridays at D&D Soul Cafe  (532 S. Royal, Jackson,TN). We rocked until 4AM and I was able to break out my whole library with them.  Besides the current hits, I was able to do stuff like a classic Memphis rap set (Eightball & MJG, Project Pat) and a classic 80’s& 90’s rap set (Bone Thugs, Whodini, No Limit, etc). One of my favorite parts was when I took them on a journey from the 70’s to right now, broken down by decade of course.  I’m talking hit after hit that had everyone going “oooooooooh.” I bring the party to you. Oh yeah, those wings  was FIE!!!!!!!!!

Stream/Download both parts of the party here:

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DJ COTTON HERE LIVE MIX: #DaFamTSU #TheCrewTSU Homecoming Tailgate (9-29-12) Pt. 3


Here’s part 3 of the tailgate and includes me playing Aristocrat of Bands songs to remember all of our fallen TSU classmates.  We always rep for the homies that are no longer with us.  Bloody B.O. (Alpha Phi Alpha) and Alpha Theta (Kappa Alpha Psi) also do their strolls and calls during this hour.


DJ COTTON HERE LIVE MIX: #DaFamTSU #TheCrewTSU Homecoming Tailgate (9-29-12) Pt. 2


Been a while but here’s part two of the Da Fam & The Crew’s annual Tennessee State University Homecomecoming that I DJ every year.  We had comedian and TSU alumnus Deric “Sleezy” Evans (@SleezyDee) crackin jokes on the mic alongside Chevy Boi.


DJ COTTON HERE LIVE MIX: #DaFamTSU Homecoming Tailgate (9-29-12) Pt 1


I recorded all 6.5 hours that I DJed our annual Tennessee State University Homecoming tailgate. Here’s the first hour and it includes the shoutouts to “Silver Boots” & when I gave out 250 Buffalo Express/Knockout Wings biscuits. Straight comedy. More audio and video coming very soon