“The Origins Of Dab & Hollywood Divorce (Bow Wow Got It All Wrong)” #CottonsThoughtProcess Podcast


I had to break it down for the misinformed on Cotton’s Thought Process.

Bow Wow mad a video incorrectly stating that the popular “dab/dabbin” dance comes from smoking marijuana.
He all sorts of wrong lol. Yeah a “dab” is a type of concentrated THC that ppl smoke.

BUT, the term “dabbin/dab” that the popular dance comes from is ATL lingo for “fresh dressed.” It’s short for “debonair.” Peewee Longway was the first one to really use it. Here he is in an April interview explaining it.

You can listen to his song “Big Homie” to hear how it’s used. The whole song is about fashion,how fresh he dresses & how that makes him attractive to women.

“Bring out all that s**t don’t wanna see it on me/ I get to the mirror I wanna see it on me/ Catch me dabbin out in public you gone see it on me”

Words can mean different things in different places. “Geeked” means crunk/hype at TSU (Tennessee State University), but in Atlanta it means high on pills.

Here’s a video from  song called “Dabbin” by ATL rapper/producer Mr. 2-17 released March 2015. He’s talking about….*gasp* how fresh he is.

Still don’t believe “dabbin” means fashion? Check out this video called “Dabbin” by ATL group Guap Boyz from April 2015. It’s all about how fresh they are.

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