DJ COTTON HERE MIX: Best Of Yung Joc #GiveNGoMix


I don’t watch Love And Hip-Hop, but I’ve heard bout Yung Joc’s antics on there lol. Let us not forget that he dropped some certified heat over the years. You can legit do a 30 minute Yung Joc set at a club and rock it with no problems (I’ve done it lol). Press play.

  1. A Couple Grand
  2. Knock It Out
  3. Patron
  4. Zoom
  5. Dope Boy Magic
  6. Beep
  7. Coffee Shop
  8. Show Stopper
  9. Do Ya Bad
  10. Juice Box
  11. Bottle Poppin
  12. I’m Put It On Her
  13. So Good
  14. What She Like
  15. She’s A Freak
  16. 1st Time
  17. I Know You See It
  18. It’s Goin Down
  19. Get Like Me
  20. Donk
  21. So Fly
  22. Killa
  23. Features
  24. Buy You A Drink
  25. Picture Perfect

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