DJ COTTON HERE MIX: “In D.C. They Crank It” (Best Of Go-Go Mix)


The Chuck Brown epsiode of Unsung is coming on tonight so I decided to gon head and drop a fie go-go mix for y’all to vibe to. Shoutout Mo, D.C. and all my DMV homies.

Overnight Scenario – Rare Essence
Sexy Lady – UCB
Thug Passion – Backyard Band
Hee Hee Haw – NorthEast Groovers
Body Snatchers – Rare Essence
Um Bop Bop – E.U.
Wind Me Up – Chuck Brown
One Leg Up – Pure Elegance
Loose Booty – Junkyard Band
Phatty – CCB
Pretty Girls – Backyard Band
Pretty Girls – Wale
Get Ur Freak On – Backyard Band
Everyone Falls In Love Sometime – Backyard Band
Camay – Rare Essence
Booty Call – NorthEast Groovers
Cat In The Hat – Little Benny & The Masters
The Water Dance – DJ Flexx
Uh Oh – Junkyard Band
Here Come The Freaks – Junkyard Band
Do You Know What Time It Is – Rare Essence
Sardines – Junkyard Band
Doin Da Butt – E.U.
Bait – Wale
Clappers – Wale
Chuck Baby – Chuck Brown
Go-Go Swing – Chuck Brown


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