COTTON’S HISTORY LESSON: The Brief But In-Depth Breakdown Of 2Pac & Suge vs. Bad Boy

  • Pac was a method actor and for the part of Birdie for the movie Above The Rim he modeled it after real NY kingpins and started hanging tough with Haitian Jack (on the right with Pac and on the left with Waka Flocka),.
Haitian Jack on the left
Haitian Jack with Waka Flocka Flame

  • Henchman was supposedly part of the seed money for Bad Boy & said to be extorting Puff (“Puffy gettin robbed like a bitch/ to hide that fact he did some shit he shouldnt have did so we ridin for that”). He wanted Pac on Bad Boy. Pac wanted to stay independent and declined.
  • Pac meet the lil chick, who Henchmen & Jack knew, in the club who gives him head on the dancefloor and later comes to his room.
  • She comes back to Pac’s room & he falls asleep while Jack and some more ppl there. Pac goes to sleep & she says they raped her.
  • Jack gets a seperate trial from Pac (he’s been working with the police and gotten off plenty times). He gets off super lite with probation I believe while they tryna throw the book at Pac. Pac started talking about how it wasn’t fair for him to be the only one charged (including the infamous “Im not a thug cus I want to rob and rape people” interview outside the courthouse)
  • 2Pac – Outside Court in 1994

  • Pac gets a page from Henchmen about doing a verse for his artist Lil Shawn at Quad while the jury is deliberating. Numerous court cases have drained Pac’s funds so he grudgingly agrees to do it after Henchmen keeps bugging him.
  • He comes to the studio and ironically Jr Mafia were recording Get Money in another session not expecting Pac. Cease sees Pac from the balcony outside & says what up. This eases Pac’s paranoia.
  • Two dudes in camouflage (favored by Brooklyn cats) are in the lobby and dont acknowledge Pac. He gets to the elevator and they draw down on him and tell him to lay down.


  • They rob Pac for all his jewelry EXCEPT the Rolex that Henchmen gave him, which was the most expensive thing. This is meant as a message to him who’s behind it.
  • The same cop from Pac’s sexual abuse trial is one of the first on the scene to the shooting.

Shakur’s lawyer, Michael Warren, told The Consortium that Shakur believed that the conspiracy also might have involved police officers who considered him a black troublemaker. Shakur’s suspicions deepened when he discovered that a police detective, Craig McKernan, who had testified against him in the sex-crime case, was at the scene of the shooting. Shakur claimed that McKernan taunted him about the bullet wounds to the groin.

According to Warren, McKernan was in a police car outside the studio before Shakur was shot. McKernan “was the first officer on the scene,” Warren said. “The question I have is why he didn’t see [the gunmen] leave. He was there before the shooting took place. Sitting there in the squad car. No pursuit to apprehend them. Why?”

  • While in jail Big didn’t reach out to Pac even when Pac was asking who did the Quad shooting. He had warned Pac about hanging with Jack & Jimmy but after the shooting he distanced himself from Pac and portrayed the Frank White don character after Ready To Die popped off around that time. Pac didnt think they directly set him up but that they knew alot more than they let on and were aligning with the shooters and disowning him even after all he did for their careers. On the Bigger Than Life documentary Jr Mafia talked about how they told Big he needs to reach out to Pac while he was in prison but he never would.
  • Stretch relayed a message to Pac from Jimmy Henchmen that said

“You don’t want to go to war. You don’t even have your money right.”

That’s who Pac was talkin to at the very end of Against All Odds. Napoloen talks about it here on Thug Angel 2 at 6:50

  • Stretch was killed a year to the day after the Quad robbery execution style. First verse “Holla At Me” and some of Against All Odds was about him (“And that nigga that was down with me Rest The Dead, switched sides/ guess his new friends wanted him dead).
  • Feb 95 Pac gives the infamous jailhouse Vibe interview dropping Thug Life & detailing the robbery.
  • 4 months later Puff & others say their side. Puff says Pac & everyone else knows who shot him but Pac’s scared to go at them and that’s some “sucka shit.” He also says “you can’t jump in and out of the Thug Life”. This sparks a fire in Pac.
  • Here’s a copy Puffy, Stretch, etc responses to Pac’s interview.
  • Sept 95 in ATL at Jermaine Dupri’s bday party. Suge’s best friend/bodyguard Jake Robles was killed by Puffy’s best friend & bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones (same dude who was on trial with Puff, Shyne & J. Lo).
  • [ ] Suge and more beat up a dude at Death Row Christmas party trying to get him to give up Puff & Puff’s mom address.
  • Pac gets with Death Row and messes with Faith during an estrangement from BIG. There are multiple pics of them together and she initially was singing on Wonda Y They Call U Bytch
  • Hit Em Up drops and Puffy responds on a Bad Boy mix dissing Death Row back. Dont believe that “we didn’t feed into it” nonsense. Biggie threw some slick shots here at Pac.
  • The original version of Lil Kim’s “Big Mama Thang” is a 2Pac diss (all of her stuff was written by Biggie so…)
  • Here’s the audio of Puff dissing Death Row & Pac after Hit Em Up on a Bad Boy mixtape spring 96 
  • Biggie’s “Long Kiss Goodnight” was complete diss to 2Pac & Suge AFTER Pac had died.
  • Plenty of others threw shots. Roc-A-Fella co-owner Biggs Burke & Biggie threw a slick shot at the end of Jay-Z’s Dead Presidents video monopoly scene (Biggs:”What’s that California? Lotta money there. I’mma take all of it.”  Biggie: “Who Shot Ya!” *followed by all laughing*).
  • Pac wasn’t as paranoid as some ppl like to think. Fugees, who were down witb Haitian Jack, dissed on Yo MTV when they were hosting and introduced California Love. Pras said “Westside aint the best side. East Coast is the best side.”
  • [ ] Because Death Row are largely Bloods, Bad Boy aligns with Southside Crips as their LA protection (“my team in marine blue”). Game actually confirmed Bad Boy being with them in a interview this year about gang signs:
  • It’s alleged to be a bounty on Death Row chains by Bad Boy & Puffy. Napoleon talks about it here 8 min mark:
  • Travon Lane is jumped for his chain by Orlando Anderson and others at Lakewood Mall summer of 96
  • Infamous east vs West Vibe cover with Big & Puff’s interview
  • In Vegas after the fight Travon tells Pac there goes the dude who took the chain. Pac runs up on Orlando and says “You from the South?!?!” Before hitting him and everyone else joins in.

  • Ppl love conspiracy theories but the fact is Pac died for jumping on a Crip after Bad Boy & Death Row got in the Blood vs Crip war.
  • DJ Quik says it’s all Travon’s fault here at 3:25
  • Now if you really wanna trip out, Wolf (Puff best friend who killed Suge’s best friend in 1995) is the dude who was killed by Big Meech in 2003. Funny how a few months later Young Jeezy & Boyz N Da Hood are signed to Bad Boy after no real buzz.

Welcome To Death Row is probably the best Death Row documentary on there as it covers it from beginning to end

MTV did a Ultrasound documentary on Death Row with lots of interesting interviews


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