Cotton’s Cut Up Vol. 24: Old School…Some Still Call It Pimpin (Ruffin, Womack & Hutch Mix)

DJ Cotton's Cut Up Vol. 24 Cover


“I was brought up on that old school, some still call it pimpin.”  – Mac Ded on Playa Fly’s “Catch You Slippin” (1995)

Special request mix I did for my lil cuz’s birthday. She wanted some straight up pippin so from David Ruffin, Bobby Womack & Willie Hutch. In case you didn’t know, around West Tennessee, we call this kind of old school soul music “pimpin.: This mix should’ve came with a 8-track.

  1. Statue Of A Fool – David Ruffin
  2. Woman’s Gotta Have It – Bobby Womack
  3. Love Me Back – Willie Hutch
  4. Walk Away From Love – David Ruffin
  5. Gypsy Woman – Bobby Womack
  6. Sunshine Lady – Willie Hutch
  7. Don’t You Go Home – David Ruffin
  8. If You Don’t Want My Love (Give It Back) – Bobby Womack
  9. Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold
  10. Slow Dance – David Ruffin
  11. Across 110th St. – Bobby Womack
  12. Theme Of The Mack – Willie Hutch
  13. All I Need – David Ruffin
  14. Baby Come Home – Willie Hutch
  15. I Wish It Would Rain – David Ruffin
  16. That’s The Way I Feel About ‘Cha – Bobby Womack
  17. I Choose You – Willie Hutch
  18. Doing It My Way – Bobby Womack
  19. I Miss You, Pt. 1 – David Ruffin
  20. What You Gonna Do After The Party – Willie Hutch

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