COTTON MIX: Cotton’s Cut Up Vol. 23 (February 20, 1989 Classic Quiet Storm Mix)

jet feb 20 1989


What I decided to do was pick random years and do a mix of all the popular urban/Black songs of that year on this date.  For example, this mix consists of the popular songs from this week in 1989 (February 25th to be exact).  It’s interesting to hear what sounds/vibes were prevalent. Slow ballads were very prevalent in this particular time period 25 years ago.  This was a time when mature/grown folks R&B still dominated the airwaves.


  1. Vanessa Williams – Dreamin’
  2. Anita Baker – Just Because
  3. Kiara feat. Shanice Williams – This Time
  4. Freddie Jackson – You And I Got A Thang
  5. Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley – Me, Myself And I
  6. Surface – Closer Than Just Friends
  7. Al Jarreau – So Good
  8. New Edition – Can You Stand The Rain
  9. Karyn White – Superwoman

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