DJ COTTON HERE MIX: Ballin Gs (Best Of Eightball & MJG)

Ballin Gs cover


88 minutes of bump from the legendary Memphis duo.  As usual, I did it live, one take this morning. Fill out the poll at the bottom to let me know what mix you want done next (likely tonight).


  1. Space Age Pimpin
  2. Pimps
  3. Sho Nuff
  4. Forever feat. Lloyd
  5. The Artist Pays The Price
  6. 9 Little Millimeter Boys
  7. Don’t Flex
  8. We Started This
  9. Lay It Down feat. Thorough & Crime Boss
  10. Starships And Rockets
  11. My Homeboy’s Girlfriend
  12. Time
  13. Armed Robbery
  14. Just Like Candy
  15. Throw Your Hands Up feat. Outkast
  16. Friend Or Foe feat. E-40, Big Mike & Mac Mall
  17. Bluff City Classic feat. Kia Shine
  18. In The Middle Of The Night
  19. Paid Dues feat. Cee-Lo Goodie

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