CLASSIC MIXTAPE: Lil Wayne – Freestyle Session (2002)


Lil Wayne – Freestyle Session (2002)

Let's Get Dirty Freestyle2. I'm A Hustler Freestyle3. Southern Hospitality Freestyle4. Ho Freestyle5. Danger Freestyle6. Best Of Me Freestyle 7. Superwoman Freestyle8. Get Money Freestyle9. Fiesta Freestyle10. One More Chance Freestyle11. Oochie Wally Freestyle12. Flippin' In A Whippa Freestyle13. Boom Freestyle14. Kweli Freestyle15. Freestyle Session Interlude16. I Did It Freestyle17. Lay Low Freestyle18. Blow Ya Mind Freestyle19. Xxplosive Freestyle20. Six Shot Freestyle21. Bonnie & Shyne Freestyle22. Get Washed Away Freestyle23. Get Ya Freak On Freestyle24. So Fresh So Clean Freestyle25. Lapdance Freestyle26. Lick Shots Freestyle


DOWNLOAD LINK: Lil_Wayne-Freestyle_Session-2002-RAGEMP3

This is the mixtape/session that was mentioned on Wayne’s Behind The Music where he spit all of the written material that he had left because he was not going to use pen & pad anymore ala Notorious B.I.G./Jay-Z.  Just because he doesn’t write anymore, that does not mean he’s “freestyling” each song.  He actually does lots of punch-ins.  This wasn’t a real popular mixtape and was soon forgotten, especially after the SQ/Sqad-Up mixtapes came out a few months later.  It was also well before high-speed connections and CD burners were easily available so if the bootleg man didn’t have it, most people didn’t either.

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