CLASSIC VIDEO: Lost Boyz feat Tha Dogg Pound & Canibus – “Music Makes Me High (L.T. Hutton Remix) (1996)

“Who wants to be the one to get struck first/
I bury they body on any planet except the earth/
I rip up, swell your lip up, it’s a stick up/
Make put your hands up on your head like you was doin sit-ups”

Man this was a dream come true. Lost Boyz and Tha Dogg Pound were my favorite groups then. Then you had this young, unknown rapper named Canibus to absolutely blaze his verse (which he made a habit of everytime he did a guest spot). I was already a huge fan of the original version and then came. I don’t drink or smoke so I really identified with the song’s title. The fact this dropped during the so-called East/West beef while Pac was alive made it even more special because it showed unity. Everyone was in their prime and ripped it. One of the best collabos ever. RIP Freaky Tah.


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