SLEPT ON SONG OF THE DAY: Fabolous – “Never Let It Go” (produced by DJ Khalil) (2009)




I look at Obama and I more than glance
I don’t just see change, I saw a chance
How many hustlers do you know waitin for a chance?
Some pedal more than Lance in the Tour de France
How many convicts inside waitin for a break?
That’s rare, short time, waitin for a steak
How many shooters holdin heat, waitin for a shot?
Fall asleep in the car waitin for a shot

Why this song didn’t make Loso’s Way is still beyond me because this is absolute flames! This is motivation music at its finest and perfect for starting your day off with.  Fab’s first lines really catch you: “Don’t you hate a coulda would shoulda n****a? Coulda did, woulda did, well shoulda n***a!”  The Keyshia Cole lines he spits on the second verse are real slick like the rest of this song.  Instead of waiting on someone to give you a chance, do like Loso says and make one.  That’s what I did.


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