NEXT TO BLOW VIDEO: Yung Chris ( @1yungchris ) feat. Future ( @1Future ) – “Racks On Racks”

Spend Money When Ya Money’s Long

I told ya’ll this was going to be a Spring hit way back in January and again last month when he signed to Universal, but alot of ya’ll still slept on it.  Well, here’s the video and while it has a professional look, it has waaaaaaaay too many jump cuts and they did Future wrong during his verse by barely showing him.  This song may suffer from So Icy Syndrome, in which a regional hit has a weak video and doesn’t catch on like it should have (luckily Gucci came back with the Chicken Talk mixtape and “Freaky Girl”).  I still remember when everyone in the audience panned “So Icy” when it was the New Joint Of The Day on 106 & Park, despite the fact it was Southern hit. 

And I’m still wondering why the turntables and speakers in this video aren’t even plugged up and have no wires.

Oh and here’s the link to YC’s mixtape hosted by Greg Street called “Got Racks” – DOWNLOAD LINK


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