MUSIC VIDEO: Clipse – “Life Change” (Feat. Pharrell and Kenna)

“Wasted so much time stuntin for folk/ When really the whole time I was stuntin my growth”


It’s always amazing when a song sums up exactly what stage of life you’re going through.  The last 12 months I’ve really gone through things that have changed my thought process and made me wiser.  The awesome part is that this song is what really helped give me clarity on what was going on.  Instead of thinking short-term, I now look at the long-term ramifications and look to make moves that benefit my future.  The Lord’s grace and mercy is the only thing that helps me overcome the obstacles and you have to always acknowledge that.  R.I.P. VaVa

Viewed as the more introspective and reserved brother, Malice really shines on here


Can’t be a dummy forever…or can you?

I was wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked (Filthy!)
So much so I had left my family forsaken (I’m sorry, babe!)
A troubled soul whose heart was often achin’ (Can you forgive me?)
So much dough but my spirit ever so vacant
Foul and flagrant I was taken off course (I was lost!)
The road ahead should have ended me in divorce (I see now)
But now I see clearly with the family of four
Never did I deserve a two-seater Porsche (Never!)
Heart filled with remorse, my life was such a mess
Now I’m back on board, due to the Lord’s GPS (I’m back!)
One-eighty degree turn, whoever could’ve guessed?
Malice believe in his heart and out my mouth I confess
YES… more than blessed, I was choosen
I been on the troop, my wisdom is that of old men
Wasted so much time stuntin’ for folk (Wasted so much time!)
When really the whole time I was just stuntin’ my growth (Can’t get that back!)
A message to the youth, what I’m offerin’ is hope
Now somethin’s gotta change. I’m at the end of my rope


When you get older, you should learn from your life experiences and realize that God put you here for a purpose and you have to take advantage of each opportunity and make wise choices. I’m way more cautious with the company I keep and situations I put myself in because it all can be snatched from you at any second. It may be M.O.B. but it’s never M.O.E.

Money hoes and clothes is Malice’s past tense (The past is past!)
All said forgiven, all you do is ask Him                                                                                                                                                            Even when laughin’ I can’t explain the hurt
Knowin’ I can’t change the world in a verse (I wish I could!)
Even to my self I’m feelin’ my screw’s loose
But how can I deny what I know to be true? (I gotta live with myself!)
When I didn’t have a clue, shoulda viewed it as a gift
Now I see what they mean — ignorance is bliss (I see what they mean)

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