MIXTAPE: Young Gully – “The Grant Station Project”


1. Intro 01.14
2. Grant Station 04:40
3. Stereo Type <- 03:29
4. Heaven and Hell 05:01
5. By Any Means 04:10
6. Here I Am 04:40
7. Black Killa 04:07
8. What If 03:37
9. Peace 04:36
10. Letter 2 Grant 06:56

This is a tribute album for Oscar Grant and proof that political activism isn’t dead in hip-hop. For those that don’t know, in 2009, an Oakland BART police officer shot an unarmed Oscar Grant while he lay face down on the ground and was fully cooperating.  On July 8, 2010, the jury returned its verdict: Officer Mehserle was only found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and not guilty of second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.  Here’s a link about the situation.  This quote alone should make you mad:


Additional footage from a cell phone was presented in court showing Pirone standing over the prone Grant before the shooting and yelling: “Bitch-ass nigger.” Pirone and his attorney say he was parroting an epithet that Grant had said to him.


You can stream & download the mixtape here: http://younggullyyh.bandcarmp.com/album/the-grant-station-project 

Gully’s song “Letter 2 Grant” is the definition of reality music and one of the top songs of 2010. He raps from Grant’s perspective in heaven.


 Here’s “Heaven and Hell”  and “Grant Station” off the mixtape.

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