CLASSIC VIDEO: Dru Down – Can You Feel Me (1996)

“Livin in the ghetto, hello, ya better hear me, and if you don’t you better really try to feel me”

This autobiographical cut is Dru Down’s most known song. He tell you about how he came up in his hood, the 5-0 (not to be confused with the police lol) over a beat that samples the Fat Boy’s 80’s hit “Can You Feel It.” I remember I bought this album on my 12th birthday based off this song and the fact I had bought The Luniz’s classic album “Operation Stackola.”

And yes, this is the same Dru Down from the intro to 2Pac’s “It’s All About U” and who starred as K.O. in the movie Original Gangstas.

CAMEO ALERT: The Luniz, 3X Krazy (Dru’s brother Bart, Agerman & Keek The Sneek), Chris “C & H” Hicks, Ecclipse, T-Luney & Knucklehead. They all comprised the Bay Area rap crew “DA M.O.B.” (which you see on all of their sweatshirts) and name comes from the name of Oakland kingpin Felix Mitchell’s infamous crew.

BONUS VIDEO: The Fat Boys – Can You Feel It


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