CLASSIC VIDEO: Christión – Full Of Smoke (1996)


“Watching my life go down”

Oakland natives Christion (Kenni Ski and Allen Anthony) were the first R&B act to be signed to Roc-A-Fella Records and their criminally slept on album Ghetto Cyrano was the label’s 2nd release. They were another group that was ahead of their time with the whole neo-soul vibe.

If I could describe this song in one word it would be: cool. The whole Curtis Mayfield/Marvin Gaye vibe is hypnotizing, especialliay whn they interpolate Marvin’s “Trouble Man.” As you see they actually had two videos for this song. The original is an excellent visual following the downfall of a hustler.  The alternate video is a silky smooth lounge performance.  Peep the cameo from fellow Oaktown native Dawn Williams (of En Vogue/Lucy Pearl fame) in the alternate version.



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