CLASSIC VIDEO: College Boyz – Victim Of The Ghetto (1992)

“Ooooh. It’s doesn’t seem like I’ll be goin nowhere…I’m just a victim of the ghetto”

I used to wear this song out on my Walkman because it was gangsta but conscious at the same time. This sample of Eddie Kendricks’s “The Newness Is Gone” was later used by Kanye West on Nas’ “Poppa Was A Player.”

The College Boyz (no relation to Lil Romeo’s current group lol) attended college in Texas, moved to Los Angeles, got signed by Virgin Records and released their debut Radio Fusion Radio in 1992. This was easily their best song and the disbanded after the 2nd album came out.

Yes, the lead rapper is the same Romany Malco who was the Smart Tech salesman from 40 Year Old Virgin, the green-thumbed pot dealer Conrad Shephard from Weeds, and portrayed MC Hammer in his VH1 Biopic.

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