NEXT TO BLOW VIDEO: Blade – “Quarter Of A Century”

“My family aint a family, I learned that the hard way,
Ran outta money now nobdy ever call me
Friends aint easy to come by, I keep my faith in one guy
I pray that somehow some way I make it out one day
N****s I graduated wit is fatal to gunplay,
And I aint nthin but a “Quarter of a Cetury”
The smile on da face of my daughter do some ish to me,
These c******s got a system but I can’t let this ish get to me,
if i aint have a baby i’d be in the penitentary,
And whats the sense in me hatin my father?
I made it and its over Lord knows I cant fault him!
We all have problems he faced em like a man,
He told me “I’m sorry” so thankful I am,
So grateful I am, we made it thru da worst,
It happened fo a reason even though it hurt,
Alotta lessons learned, bridges burnt, no worries,
I weathered the storms, hurricanes, snow flurries.
Feelin like Kayne tryna get my money right
If broke is a joke then i aint wit that funny life.”

Now this is real life music! My homegal put me up on this song the other week and I’ve been bumpin it ever since. This is on the same tip as Joe Budden’s “10 Minutes” and Lil Boosie’s “Mind Of A Maniac” and just makes you zone out and think. This the type of soul music we need in these times.



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