DJ COTTON MIXTAPE: Cotton’s Cut Up Vol. 1 (QT Edition)



1. WC$P 380.12 FM Intro
2. Troop – All I Do
3. Jodeci – Come & Talk To Me
4. Tyreese – Sweet Lady
5. Shai – If I Ever Fall In Love
6. R. Kelly – Slow Dance
7. Tony! Toni! Tone! – Whatever You Want
8. Mint Condition – Pretty Brown Eyes (Breakin’ My Heart)
9. Playa – Cheers 2 U
10. Aaliyah – One In A Million
11. SWV – Weak
12. Guy – Piece Of My Love
13. Jon B. – They Don’t Know
14. Bobby Brown – Roni
15. Hi-Five – Quality Time
16. Lauryn Hill feat. D’Angelo – Nothing Even Matters
17. Jagged Edge – Gotta Be
18. Case – Happily Ever After
*BONUS TRACK* O’Jays – Forever Mine

This is the first actual Cut Up that I released back in 2007 and include nearly all of my favorite songs (#7 is my all-time favorite by the way).  FYI “QT” mean quality time.  If you pay attention to tracklisting and interludes, it tells the story of a relationship:

  • First sight (# 1 – 2)
  • Introducing yourself (# 4-6)
  • Dating (#7)  
  • Winning them over and erasing doubt(#8-9)
  • Falling in love (#10-11)
  • Overcoming problems  (#12-13)
  • Realizing they’re “the one” (#14-17)
  • Eventually marriage (#17) (with the bonus track symbolizing the anniversary). 

Before this I had been making personal Cut Up mixes for myself since ’02 and people kept creeping me for them lol. Shoutout to my homie Joseph Blue for helping me come up with the name for this series lol. When I made my first personal mix at Tennessee State University on his computer our freshman year, he suggested that maybe I label it “Cotton’s Cuts” and it sparked me to add “Cut Up” after the slang term that means umm…”getting affection” lol.



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