CLASSIC CUTS: Lil Vicious ft. Doug E Fresh – Freaks (1994)

“And then she look pon me she know me have a small pee pee
So me carry her me house,
fi kill her wid it (common slang for: tear that *** up)
“When me open up the girl, me could not belive it.
The gal punnay big like the Pacific
Not even in the condom where I put my trust.”

This is slick one of the most mannish songs ever lol. Lil Vicious was 10 years old talking about some ummm *ahem* “adult” things. Listening to it 15 years later I’m shocked this even made it to the radio & video stations lol. But its still guaranteed to rock any party. I think everyone owned one of those zip-up vests with all the pockets on it back in the day lol.


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