CLASSIC CUTS: Boss – “Deeper” & “The Recipe” (1992)

These tracks still go hard and I dare you to front on them! If you
don’t know who she was, Boss was the 1st full-on hardcore female
gangsta rapper & also the 1st rapper from Detroit to go nationwide.
Her debut, 1992’s Born Gangstaz, is one of the hardest albums ever and
she portrayed the character of the ultimate “gangsta b***h.” She was
the highest selling female MC up to that point and went on tour with
such people as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg & 2Pac. Boss was definately a big
influence on hardcore female MCs such as Gangsta Boo & Remy Ma.

Boss is also the 1st rapper to be Rick Ross’d and be exposed to be a
fake (ironic since he calls himself “The Biggest Boss” lol). Among other things, it was discovered that she was raised in an
upper middle class neighborhood in Detroit and went to private school
(where she was the head cheerleader and on the homecoming court).
This is very comical, especially if you saw how “hard” she tried to
portray herself like in her 1st TV interview:

With her credibility shot, she faded out of the spotlight and her 2nd
album never saw the light of day. She had a child and became a radio
personality in Texas.


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