Lupe Fiasco – Rapper of the Decade (137 Track Mix)

Here’s basically every song Lupe has done that wasn’t included on his two albums. ENJOY!


Part Ia: Original Songs

1. Theme Music To A Drive By
2. Steady Mobbin’
3. Coulda Been
4. Pressure (Solo Version)
5. Make Sure
6. Tilted
7. The Pills
8. What It Do
9. Mean and Vicious
10. Free
11. Failure
12. Game Time
13. Glory
14. Kick, Push II (Original)
15. Carrera Lu
16. Make Sure You Get A Shirt
17. Lupe The Gorilla
18. Lupe The Killer
19. The Pen and The Needlz
20. Knockin’ At The Door
21. Happy Industries
22. Heat Under The Babyseat
23. Chicapow
24. Blackout
25. I Don’t Feel So Good
26. Pop Pop
27. Ooh
28. Jedi Mind Tricks
29. Fire (Rock Version)
30. Much More

Part Ib: Original Songs

31. Proper
32. Let’s Go
33. Bottom, Top
34. Gangsta’s Groove
35. City Wings
36. Cold World
37. Dear Fall
38. 1st and 15th is Back
39. Fire
40. Dedicated
41. The Commercial
42. Cold Blooded
43. Change
44. Fast Money
45. Solar Midnite
46. 4 Real
47. Accept The Trouble
48. The Birds and The Bees
49. This Is For My Niggas
50. Hold It Down
51. Hustlers and Customers
52. The After Life
53. Questions
54. Gangsta (Up In Here)
55. Me and My Sneakers
56. Old School
57. Phat Joe
58. I Know Why
59. Free Chilly
60. Where Do I Go



Part II: Freestyles

61. All the Way Turned Up Freestyle
62. Absolute Fiasco Freestyle
63. The National Anthem Freestyle
64. Dead Presidents Freestyle
65. Champ Is Here Freestyle
66. Diamond In The Back Freestyle
67. Diddy Freestyle
68. Handcuffs (Only You Freestyle)
69. Muhammad Walks (Jesus Walks Freestyle)
70. Dope Boy (T.R.O.Y. Freestyle)
71. Lu Myself (Lose Yourself Freestyle)
72. You, Me, Him, Her Freestyle
73. Didn’t You Know (Higher Freestyle)
74. Fireman Freestyle
75. Tilted Pt. 3 (Sittin’ Sideways Freestyle)
76. Don’t Get It Twisted (Hay Freestyle)
77. Hater Hop
78. Outty 5000 (Get Down Freestyle)
79. …And He Gets The Girl (Maybe Freestyle)
80. WGCI Freestyle
81. Mass Appeal Freestyle
82. Twilight Zone (Thief’s Theme Freestyle)
83. Conflict Diamonds (Diamonds Are Forever Freestyle)
84. FNF Goin’ Up (Breathe, Stretch, Shake Freestyle)
85. Ignorant Shit Freestyle
86. The One Freestyle
87. I’m Coming Freestyle
88. The Run Down (Still Dre Freestyle)
89. So Ghetto Freestyle
90. Comin From Where I’m From Freestyle
91. Clean Homie Freestyle
92. Angels (Remix) (Where I’m From Freestyle)
93. Switch (The Science Project) (Still Tipping Freestyle)
94. Titled In Any Colour You Like
95. Can I Have It Like That Freestyle
96. The Dynasty Intro Freestyle
97. Popular Demand Freestyle
98. Welcome Back Chilly (Welcome Back Freestyle)
99. Thank You Freestyle
100. Say Something Freestyle

Part III: Collaborations and Remixes

101. Life (feat. K Fox)
102. Fast Car (Remix) (feat. Wyclef Jean)
103. Touch The Sky (feat. Kanye West)
104. Can You Let Me Know (feat. Sarah Green and Verbal)
105. Be Somebody (feat. Fort Minor)
106. Say Goodbye to Love (feat. Kenna)
107. Cruisin’ (feat. Ace Mac and Raheem Devaughn)
108. Kick, Push (Remix)
109. Everybody Nose (Remix) (feat. NERD, Kanye West and Pusha T)
110. Paris, Tokyo (Remix) (feat. Pharrell and Q-Tip)
111. Forever (Remix) (feat. Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne)
112. Boss Playa
113. Sittin’ Sideways Freestyle (feat. Jay-Z)
114. Slow Down (feat. Eva)
115. Flashback (feat. Jack Splash)
116. Poppin’ Off (feat. Wildstyle)
117. Up To Me (feat. Kev Samples)
118. We On (feat. Gemini and Pooh Bear)
119. B.U.D.D.Y. (Remix) (feat. Musiq Soulchild)
120. Swang On ‘Em (feat. Bun B)
121. Superstar (Remix) (feat. Young Jeezy and T.I.)
122. Gangsta, Gangsta (feat. Ness) (My World Is… Freestyle)
123. We Love You (feat. Sway)
124. Can You Let Me Know (Remix) (feat. Sarah Green and Verbal)
125. Know My Name (feat. Blake Lewis)
126. Didn’t You Know (feat. Tha’ Rayne and Joe Budden)
127. Kick Push (Remix) (feat. Pharrell)
128. I Keep It Gutter (feat. Stack Bundles)
129. Run Away Love (feat. DOUBLE)
130. The Map (feat. Gemini and Un Kasa)
131. Us Placers (feat. Kanye West and Pharell)
132. We All Want The Same Thing (feat. Kevin Michael)
133. Walk In My Shoes (feat. Emily King)
134. Paris, Tokyo (Remix) (feat. CL Smooth)
135. Arms Race (feat. Fall Out Boy, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West)
136. Spray Paint and Ink Pens (feat. Ghostface Killah and Mike Shinoda)
137. Superstar (Acoustic Remix) (feat. Matthew Santos)

Props to my homie Andolite


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