MUSIC VIDEO: Tity Boi ( @2Chainz) feat Vado ( @VADO_MH ) – “Lo Boots (The Re-Up)”

“I’m Polo to the zipper, I used to shop at Macy’s when it used to be Rich’s”

I told ya’ll about this song on here back in December.  While I’m tired of seeing people wearing all the old Lo Boot styles that got played out years ago (Dover, Conquest, Holder, etc), I’m digging that 2 Chainz & Vado are rockin the newer Ranger styles.  This further proves that they are official Lo Heads and not just jumping on the Polo bandwagon.  Vado really has emerged as the Polo Prince these past few months because he’s always rocking tight pieces.  Oh, and as far as the song, it’s bumpin and Vado rips it.

MUSIC VIDEO: Vado feat Young Dro – “Polo”

SLIIIIIIME!!!! Now I told ya’ll about this remix a while ago and the video definately doesn’t dissappoint. This is how a slime should properly rock Polo gear.  It’s always great I get to see pieces I have being rocked by fellow Polo connoisseurs, especially Rugby wear (most of ya’ll ain’t up on that yet lol).  It always irked me when people get a few regular horse Polo’s and really think they Lo’d out lol. But to each his own I say…

And Vado still favors Shyne to me lol