THA BIZ VIDEO: @MaronzioVance – “Puffy Is Poison Pt. 3″

“He does not have the Midas Touch. He has the Minus Touch”

Just in time for the release of the new Dirty Money album, comedian Maronzio Vance has a new video discussing the latest reasons as to why Puffy is poison.  He even touches on G. Dep’s recent arrest and the model’s hair that caught on fire at the Last Train To Paris release party last week. Another instant classic

CLASSIC VIDEO: Bad Boy Records (Puff Daddy, Notorious B.I.G., Total & Lil Kim) Live @ 1995 Source Awards

 Man I miss the Puff Daddy Dance lol.  This was at the same awards show that Suge Knight made his infamous “Come to Death Row” speech.  One of my favorite hip-hop memories is seeing Big perform One More Chance while they hold up the plaques to represent that New York was back.  Remember the West Coast had dominated with gangsta rap.  And Big was the one who made all these rappers start claiming to be King. And Lil Kim’s Hardcore is the only female rap album that I can actually bump like a dude’s album.

THA BIZ VIDEO: Puffy is Poison

“Day 26? What’s that? How many days they ain’t get paid? Day 26 and Puff ain’t paid us”

Super funny bit of comedian Maronzio Vance discussing what happened to all the artists that ever signed to Bad Boy. They get one or, if they’re lucky, two good albums and then just fall clean off the face of the Earth.  While I admit Puffy is a great promoter, the problem is he really only promotes himself.  This video is funny and truthful at the same time. When is the last time you saw Puff actually promote an album hard that wasn’t his? Makes you realized that signing a record deal isn’t all that.