COTTON’S VIDEO VAULT: Lil Wayne kisses Birdman on Rap City (May 2002)

Going through my video library I came across this *ahem* interesting piece of footage that forgot I had.  This is the only posted footage of Lil Wayne kissing Baby aka Birdman on the mouth and happened on a May 2002 episode of BET Rap City.  Now they say their kiss is mafia-inspired, but you be the judge.  I have when they kissed on 106 & Park that same month somewhere also.  Tell me I don’t have the most interesting YouTube channel of vintage footage…don’t worry I’ll wait


CLASSIC CUT: Q93 Wild Wayne & Mic Fox – Quenig with Cash Money Records’ Local 580 (1994)

This is a song they did for the radio station Q93’s Wild Wayne and Mic Fox’s show opener. Classic New Orleans bounce music with DJ Mannie Fresh on the track. The Local 580 was basically the crew name of the early Cash Money roster : Lil Slim, Pimp Daddy, Lil Ya, Ms Tee, Tec 9, PxMxWx, and Yella Boy (other members not on this song were Kilo-G, Mr. Ivan, & B.G.’z).