VIDEO: ThisIs50 Interview with Yo Gotti

He talks about who he represents, his verse on “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” REMIX, his live shows being sold out, what inspires him, being a business man, his recent case, passing the torch in the rap game, gives advice to upcoming artists, his “Cocaine Musik” mixtape series, the importance of giving back to the community & much more!

COTTON’S VIDEO VAULT: BET Rap City 2Pac Birthday Special (1999) (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of the Rap City special that aired in 1999 on Pac’s birthday (June 16th). Lots of this footage was later used on Tupac: Ressurrection

This segment:

  • Intro from Me Against The World album with corresponding video footage
  • BET Screen Scene visits Pac’s Baltimore HS (Baltimore School Of The Arts) the week after his death
  • Pac tells Tanya Hart his family’s Black Panther Party heritage

Sorry for the quality at times lol

COTTON’S VAULTS: BET Rap City 2Pac Birthday Special (1999) (Part 1)

I’m converting my 400 VHS tapes to digital and gonna upload alot of the rare stuff to my YouTube channel.  BET Rap City dedicated an episode to Tupac Shakur on his birthday (June 16, 1971) in 1999. It played many rare interviews with him and people who knew him.

Holla at me if you have any requests for any Rap City or Yo! MTV Raps/ DirectEffects shows from around 1995-2006 cause I taped everything

VIDEO: Classic Kanye West Interview from 2003 Pre-College Dropout

“History repeats itself, he makes the rhymes and the beats hisself/ The only child syndrome make hits on my own, and I’mma look in the mirror if I need some help”

Kanye (before the car wreck) talking about everything from his musical influences to fashion and spitting a few verses that wound up on mixtapes, College Dropout and later albums. Many of the clips in this were later used in the “Through The Wire” music video. This is the Kanye that I fell in love with musically before he got all weird lol. College Dropout era Ye is easilly in my top 5 (With Pac, Big, Dre 3000 & Jay-Z).