PRAISE BREAK: Ol School Gospel Medlely In Hattiesburg,MS (Send Me I’ll Go, Trouble In My Way, Jesus Is On The Mainline, Mary Don’t Weep, Jesus Will Fix It)

Let’t take em to church! This was recorded at a funeral in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and is a true example of some down home chuuuch.  Even you Sunday School drop-outs should be able to sing along with every song as he seamlessly transitions between them not missing a beat.

PRAISE BREAK: Walter Hawkins & Donnie McClurkin – “Thank You Lord” (Live in 1993)

This is the ultimate Thanksgiving song.  We used to sing this in my church’s mass choir back in the day and they sang it again this past Sunday.  Amazing how these lyrics might ring even more true today.  RIP Bishop Walter Hawkins.

Tragedies are commonplace
All kinds of diseases people are slipping away
Economies down, people don’t get enough pay
But as for me all I can is
Thank You, Lord, for all You’ve done for me

Folks without homes are in the streets
And the drug habit some say they just can beat
Muggers and robbers no place seems to be safe
But You’ve been my protection every step of the way
And I wanna say

Thank You Lord for all You’ve done for me

Lead: It could’ve been me

Chorus: Thank You
L: Outdoors
C: Thank You
L: With no food
C: Thank You
L: And no clothes
C: Thank You
L: All left alone
C: Thank You
L: Without a friend
C: Thank You
L: Or just another number
C: Thank You
L: With a tragic end
C: Thank You
L: But You didn’t see fit
C: Thank You
L: To let none of these things be
C: Thank You
L: And ev’ryday by Your power
C: Thank You
L: You keep on, keep on, keeping me
C: Thank You
L: I wanna say
C: Thank You Lord for all You’ve done for me

I wanna thank You for Your love
Thank You for Your power
Thank You for protection every hour

PRAISE BREAK: Byron Cage – Presence Of The Lord (Official Live Video)

“I can feel the presence of the Lord and I’m gonna get my blessing RIGHT NOW!”

If this classic song doesn’t get you amped up and ready to take on anything the devil tries to throw at you, I don’t know what to say. I was at Kids Across America, a Christian sports camp, and they played this song during breakfast. You should’ve seen how much it energized everybody there. Hopefully it does the exact same for you.

Praise Break: Tennessee State Aristocrat of Bands – Praise Is What I Do (2003)

This is my alma mater (Class of 2005) performing in a show in 2003 in tribute to Jazz Band instructor Charles Dungey after his untimely passing during the 2003 season. This is one of the most beautiful selections I have ever heard. If you don’t feel anything in your soul after listening to this then I don’t know what to say but pray lol.

GOSPEL: Bryan Wilson – Don’t Let Me Miss Heaven

“I’ve seen so people make to the top and wonder from the flock…and soon the blessings stop/and that is why I got to watch and pray that I stay humble”

This song is still bumpin lol. Every youth choir sang this song back in the mid 90s and it has a great message about staying grounded. Bryan Wilson slick sounds like Tevin Campbell too. I think I’mma make this my wake up alarm tone

GOSPEL: Kirk Franklin & The Family (w/ David Mann aka “Mr Brown” on lead) – “He’s Able”

It’s that flat-top gospel lol. Bet ya’ll didn’t know that David & Tamela Mann, (better know as the characters Brown & Corra in Tyler Perry’s plays & movies) were first in Kirk Franklin’s intial group The Family back in the early 90s. You can see Tamela at 3:31 in the choir. This song was Kirk’s 1st major hit from The Family. Peep Kirk & David doing the Kid N Play dance at 3:21 LOL