BAND CAMP: Texas Southern University Does DJ Screw’s “June 27th” (Big Moe’s Verse)

I’m up on the stage, neva gon hate

All Screwheads know this classic 35 minute freestyle (not to be confused with Yungstar’s “Knockin Pictures Off The Wall” which uses the same beat almost). I love the way they play Moe’s verse. And yes, the DJ Screw freestyle “June 27th” is the direct inspiration behind Drake’s “November 18th”

CLASSIC VIDEO: DJ DMD Feat. Lil Keke & Fat Pat – 25 Lighters (1998)

“Luv It Mane”

Since summa is finally here it’s only right I post this classic. This track is so chill with the Al B. Sure “Nite & Day” sample. Fat Pat’s classic verse alone has been sampled so many times I’ve lost count. Shame he was killed right before he was about to blow up. And forget what some of these lames will make you believe, this video is further proof that people down south been rocking Polo.

CLASSIC VIDEO: Lil Keke – Southside (1998)

“Pulled in Exxon nuthin less than supreme”

This was the jam back when you could make a dance song that was actually bumpin and hard lol. The current Dallas Dougie dance is basically just a feminine version of The Southside from Houston. I dare you to bump this after you just beamed ya whip up and not start body rockin. It’s a shame Lil Keke or any of the Screwed Up Click never really blew up like they should have. But I still bump classic Screw tapes and keep “Polo on my body and Nikes on my feet.”