BAND CAMP: Texas Southern University Does DJ Screw’s “June 27th” (Big Moe’s Verse)

I’m up on the stage, neva gon hate

All Screwheads know this classic 35 minute freestyle (not to be confused with Yungstar’s “Knockin Pictures Off The Wall” which uses the same beat almost). I love the way they play Moe’s verse. And yes, the DJ Screw freestyle “June 27th” is the direct inspiration behind Drake’s “November 18th”

BAND CAMP: TSU Aristocrat of Bands – Cameo’s Talkin Out The Side Of Yo Neck (10/3/09)


This is my alma mater Tennessee State University playing Cameo’s Talkin Out The Side Of Yo Neck. This just gets me in that mood everytime I hear it and I love how they start slow and it builds up as they go. Those tubas are VICIOUS!