MIXTAPE: DJ M-Rock ( @MRockGotBeats ) – The Best Of A Tribe Called Quest


  1. M-Rock’s Intro
  2. Girls, Girls, Girls *
  3. Award Tour
  4. Glamour And Glitz
  5. Danger – Blahzay Blahzay ^^
  6. Get It Together – The Beastie Boys*
  7. Oh My God
  8. Oh My God (Remix)
  9. We Can Get Down
  10. Get Down (Q-Tip Remix) – Craig Mack *
  11. Find My Way
  12. Breathe & Stop
  13. Hot Sex
  14. La Schmoove **
  15. True Fuschnick
  16. Scenario ft. Leaders of The New School
  17. Scenario (Remix) ft. Leaders of The New School
  18. Steve Biko
  19. Can I Kick It (Live at the Apollo)
  20. Buggin’ Out
  21. Check the Rhime
  22. 1nce Again
  23. Jazz
  24. Soul by the Pound – Common ^^
  25. Jazz (Remix)
  26. Gangsta Bitch – Apache %
  27. Extra Abstract Skillz – Mad Skillz ft. Extra P *
  28. Ill Vibe – Busta Rhymes *
  29. All the Way Live *
  30. Undisputed Champs – Del The Funky Homosapien ft. Pep Love *
  31. Body Rock – Mos Def ft. Tash *
  32. The Chase Pt 1
  33. Baby Phife’s Return ft. Consequence
  34. Excursions
  35. Push It Along
  36. Footprints
  37. Artical – Whitey Don **
  38. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
  39. Luck of Lucien
  40. What
  41. Let’s Organize – Organized Konfusion *
  42. A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays – De La Soul ft. Vinia Mojica*
  43. Saturdays (What yo life can truly be) – De La Soul ft. Dres, Vinia Mojica ^
  44. Doin’ Our Own Dang – Jungle Brothers ft. Queen Latifah, Moni Love ^
  45. Groove Is In The Heart – Deee-Lite *
  46. Vivrant Thing
  47. Let’s Ride
  48. Electric Relaxation
  49. Mystic Brew -Ronnie Foster ^*
  50. Smiling Billy Suite Pt 2 – The Heath Brothers ^*
  51. One Love – Nas *
  52. Get A Hold
  53. Bonita Applebum
  54. Bonita Applebum (Remix)
  55. Between the Sheets – Isley Brothers
  56. Like It Like That
  57. Lyrics To Go
  58. Verses From the Abstract ft. Vinia Mojica, Ron Carter
  59. Word Play
  60. Ital – The Roots *

Featuring Q-Tip *
Featuring ATCQ ^
Featuring Phife **
Samples ATCQ ^^
Sampled by ATCQ ^*
Produced by Q-Tip %

DOWNLOD LINKS: http://bit.ly/iKCFSz & http://hulkshare.com/tyx0gxa48pl7


This is a dope mixtape inspired by the recent ATCQ documentary “Beats, Rhymes and Life” directed by Michael Rapaport. He tweeted me a link to it after I talked about how much I enjoyed the documentary and how big a Tribe fan I was.  Here’s what DJ M-Rock said on his website (http://djmrock.com) about this mix:

I’m the biggest Tribe fan so it brings me a lot of pleasure to drop this mix. I haven’t followed their solo acts much, but I watched them like a hawk growing up. In fact, the first piece of music I personally got my own hands on was their first album from the public library. I can talk all day about this group, its emotional for me in fact, because my fav. genre is hip-hop and after midnight marauders, hip-hop split into underground and pop, and I found both styles were trying too hard. Slum Village for example were so gangsta lyrically that it wasn’t believable, and on the other hand, Jay-Z was the same thing. Plus, hustling and bitches are not interesting (Tribe talk about women instead). Both Slum and Jay were hot but as for vibe and lyricism, I’m a lower-middle class kid and other than musical skill, I didn’t relate deeply to any of this shit. However, I did relate to Tribe. Tribe’s music is honest, it doesn’t have commercial appeal and it succeeded because these brothers were close and very gifted, far from the average. They got paid as a group and didn’t fight over cheques. When they started falling off, the beats got mathematical and sample-free, they went soft as they brought J-Dilla in, who’s ironically one of the rawest producers ever. I can even hear Tip mentioning his friends during Phife’s verse in “1nce again”, an ignorant thing on his part, a lack of chemistry that was all over the last 2 albums. I relate to all of this because I fell off as a tablist, wasn’t a team player myself towards the end of that phase in my career. With that in mind, this mix is none of those wacker moments, it’s the straight rawness of Tribe, the group that wrote classic verses on the bus (buggin’ out) or kept verses from their childhood (Tip wrote Bonita at 14). Go watch the movie, by the way, it’s incredible. This mixtape took 3 weeks which is why M-Rock Mondays have been nothing, and now that it’s done, I hope you all really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

CLASSIC VIDEO: De La Soul feat Queen Latifah, Q-Tip, Jungle Brothers & Monie Love – “Buddy (Native Tongue Decision)” (1989)

“‘Buddy’ doesn’t mean ‘girl’ or ‘sex’ for that matter, ‘buddy’ simply means ‘body’, bodies of all kind.”

This is the essential Native Tongues posse cut that everyone should hear.  I didn’t get what “Buddy” was until I was in high school. And yes, this is where Musiq Soulchild got the idea for his song “Buddy”

NEXT TO BLOW VIDEO: Phil Ade – Always There

“I really dig ya vibe and tem light brown eyes
I hate to say “swag” but dag it’s down tight
I’m downright impressed, me and you a mesh
I’m not another brother tryna get under ya dress”

Dope new video from DC rapper Phil Ade, who’s signed to Raheem DeVaughn’s 368 Music Group. I have to say I’ve really been digging the DMV scene lately and can’t wait to visit there on Memorial Day. I love the Tribe Called Quest “Electric Relaxation” black & white vibe from this video and the Common sample. I promise you’ll relate to this song about how hard it can be to find a mate because “all the good ones taken and the all the bad joints at the club still faking.” Wise words.

You can download his mixtape “Starting On JV” here:
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OW683L48HIs T

His Twitter page is : www.twitter.com/PhilAde301

CLASSIC CUT: A Tribe Called Quest ft Leaders Of the New School – Scenario (Live on Arsenio) (1992)


This was probably my favorite video as a kid and I watced it all day
on The Box at my cousin’s house every weekend (interesting tidbit: it
was directed by Spike Lee). I still say that Charlie Brown’s verse is
criminally slept on, which is easy to do with Busta’s scene stealing
appearance. One thing that made ATCQ so popular was the fact that all
their songs had that deep bass (as to be expected by a group with an
album called The Low End Theory). You can still listen to it today
and it still bangs just as much as any Lil Jon or Three 6 album.

My mom let me stay up to watch this one and I remember being amazed at
Busta and the hat lol.