CLASSIC VIDEO: DJ Quik – “You’z A Ganxta” (1998)

See some don’t realize the power of lyrics
’cause when you rap about death you talkin’ to spirits
You see you can say the things that can help us all ball
or you can say things that make it bad for us all
fix the problem the only way is come to the source
don’t be a Trojan Horse help us change the course
everybody knows that it’s bad in the ‘hood
so check what you rappin’ about if it ain’t to the good

This is a real mature song coming from a real OG  whos war with MC Eiht was possibly the first rap beef to actually started from gangbanging. Beef started to not stay on wax anymore.  You can go here for a full history on it and best believe people died behind it. Quik realized the power both of their words had and started to look at the rap game & life different after the deaths of Pac & Big.  He was around Death Row during their who-ride period in the 90′s and saw how that label’s story ended.

Gucci Mane’s song “My Own Worst Enemy” basically has the exact same theme as this song. 

BONUS VIDEO: DJ Quik speaks on the negative energy Suge Knight brings

CLASSIC VIDEO: Fat Pat – “Tops Drop” (1998)

“Taking pride in my ride like every playa should”

LUV IT MANE! Heavy starched Guess Jeans with the pencil pockets. RIP to the Screwed Up Click’s Fat Pat, who was killed right before his debut album, Ghetto Dreams, dropped. This video was shot after his death and features his brother Big H.A.W.K. (RIP).  It’s funny to see how we used to dress back in the late 90s, but it was still playa…heck I still crease all my shirt sleeves lol.  Those slabs are still clean as a bucket of chitlins.

CLASSIC VIDEO: Lil Soldiers – “Where Da Lil Soldiers At” (1998)

“I’m ya favorite lil snack after you take ya nap”

Who remembers this lol? I never knew they had a video for this.  They used to play this at the junior high basketball games.  I had alot of No Limi albums but I did NOT have this one or the basketball one lol.

And just in case some of ya’ll wanted to relive your childhood and download their album…

Lil Soldiers – “Boot Camp”


CLASSIC VIDEO: Juvenile – “Ha” (1998)

“You claim you a thug and ain’t got no heart ha”

Without a doubt this is the most innovative rap song ever lol (later bit by Black Rob’s “Woah”). I remember EVERYBODY was ending their sentences with “ha” the next day at school.  This video and song was the perfect way to introduce hoodrich CMR and the Nolia to the nation.  Master P may have put New Orleans on the map, but CMR is who put New Orleans hood culture on the map.  Everytime I watch this video I find something new (one of my favorites is the church motherboard/usher members at 1:06 followed by the dog eating bologna lol).  The random images of everyday life in the Nolia is captivating TV.  The black onyx on the CMR chains makes them my all-time favorite label chains.