CLASSIC VIDEO: En Vogue – “Hold On” (Live @ Soul Train Music Awards) (1990)

THESE CHICKS WERE BAAAAAD! En Vogue is the best female singing group of all-time bar none and their 4 part harmony is a thing of beauty. 100% live with no backing vocal track.  NOBODY sings live like this anymore, especially the way they absolutely destroy “Who’s Loving You” on the intro.  Every member was fine, sophisticated and could sing lead. Destiny’s Child isn’t even close and this group is the reason why I was never a big DC fan. In fact, En Vogue was the inspiration for many groups afterwards, such as Xscape, SWV & Destiny’s Child.

INTERESTING TIDBIT: Beyonce’s current choreographer, Frank Gatson Jr., is dancing with Cindy (the lead singer on this).  He choreographed her The Beyonce Experience concert and such videos as “Single Ladies” & “Ego” among others.  Now do you notice how similar  Beyonce’s steps are to En Vogue now???? He also appeared on the first season of Fantasia For Real trying to help Tasia’s posture lol.